So… I need a direct infusion of happy. Can I get that in an IV?

After my (likely annoying) multiple posts about having a lot of symptoms on January, and realizing that pretty much my entire family has (undiagnosed) Seasonal Affective Disorder, I decided, “Enough with this shit. I’m gonna see if I can find something to help.” My psychiatrist had asked me during my last downswing in the fall if I needed a light therapy box, and I had no idea at the time, and shrugged. I started doing my research, and decided it doesn’t look like it has any downsides, so why not?

I checked my local Walgreen’s and found one for $39.99. I thought that sounded steep, and was in a rather miserable state of Totally Broke, so I went online to see if I could find a better deal. Whew. Most of the models are in the $100-200 range, so $40 sounded like an absolute steal. I went back after getting paid and the box was even on sale, so it was only $30. I picked up a Verilux Happy Light, and I am not in any way being paid to shill for it. I’m curious to see if anything changes, honestly. The box claims that it also helps sanitize the air, and as I am chronically sick, this might be a good thing, too! It’s pretty bright but with how gray it’s been as of late, it was nice to have on at work. I’ll let you know if it’s helpful at all.

Any other ideas to increase my overall state of happy? I could use a few.



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2 responses to “So… I need a direct infusion of happy. Can I get that in an IV?

  1. Moogle

    Puppy kisses help for me, but I can’t control when I get those.

  2. Sadface. ;_; Puppy kisses are lovely. Sometimes I go to a pet store, or the SPCA, or somewhere else I can get access to fluffy things if I need a fix…

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