Neat link of the day: article about the Minds media awards

I found this, through my brother, through Facebook. That social media site is a necessary evil (and a hive of scum and villainy) and being able to read various newspaper articles through it is pretty cool. Hence this neat article:

Awards see the best in mental health coverage, from The Guardian

I have never heard of Mind Media Awards, but I am also not from the UK, which might explain a bit. Still, knowing that there is such an awards ceremony out there somewhere on this madly spinning blue globe of ours, makes me feel better, that with every day a little more stigma is erased around mental illness. That’s why I write this blog, and do what I do for a living. Stigma is so damaging for everyone. As much as I’d love to see mental illness eradicated, I’d like to see stigma go, too. It’s sometimes just as painful, if not more so, than the illness itself.


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