Why do people have to be so awful sometimes?

Sooo… I’m writing this Wednesday afternoon, just to frame it a bit. I was working on documentation at work while waiting on my 3:00 and one of my teammates came in to the group room I was sitting in. (My office mate was doing paperwork with a client so I relocated.) This particular teammate doesn’t exactly have the best social skills most of the time. Anyway, she laughed, and said that one of our clients said something that was SO funny she was laughing SO hard and she just HAD to tell me.

“I saw client X today for meds, and he asked who would see him tomorrow, and I said I thought it was you. He went ‘Nadja? Who’s Nadja?’ and then thought about it, and said ‘The big girl? Oh, wait, she’s big-boned.” She laughed and claimed that she told him it was inappropriate (though I don’t believe her) and continued. “He said ‘Well I could’ve said she was fat.'” Concluding her story, she laughed and asked me about how funny his response was. When I gave a response that was less than impressed she RETOLD the story to make sure I heard it right. I mostly felt ill to my stomach, not that the client had said that- he’s commented on my weight before- but that she thought it was *funny.*

I’m not entirely sure what to do, but mostly I’m just hurt. I don’t care what anyone has to say about my weight and my health, it’s entirely only my business and I’ll happily give people the what-for. I’m hurt that she thought it was funny that he commented on it, and told me about it. I don’t go looking for other case managers to tell when a client has something nasty to say about them, unless it’s a threat or something, and I certainly don’t find it funny.

One of my friends suggested “like the coworker seemed to be feeling entitled to expect you to be amused and un-offended, possibly so she could find it funny with a clear conscience?” That might be it. Ugh. I’ve already thought enough about this but I know it’ll still be eating at me by the time this post goes up on Friday.

Have a happy generic midwinter gift-giving holiday of your choice, everyone!



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2 responses to “Why do people have to be so awful sometimes?

  1. you know, there simply are people in this world who are assholes, nothing but plain and simple motherfucking assholes. Some of them are our relatives, some are coworkers, some are strangers. But they are all just assholes. Wish I had better news girl ;/

    • Yeah. One of my friends posted on Facebook after this incident, “I wonder if people can actually taste all the bullshit coming out of their mouths?”

      …The best part being, said coworker then ‘liked’ the comment. She is completely oblivious.

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