New Year’s Resolutions

My resolutions for 2012:

1. Survive January through any means necessary
2. Survive 2012

Yeah, that’s about it. Most people resolve to lose weight through diet and exercise; I hope by now everybody knows my stance on that. Improving my health? Sure. Do I give a damn about my weight? Nope. I *am* trying to improve my triglycerides, which were the only part of my cholesterol that was wonky. My good cholesterol kicks some serious ass and the bad cholesterol is in a very good range. The number overall is fantastic. I’d like to join the Y by my office because my agency has a corporate discount, and they have aqua aerobics classes, which was something I enjoyed in college, along with the occasional belly dancing class that I want to take desperately.

I also want to keep my job. I need to stay on top of my game and make the productivity they want, and maybe get bonus a couple times. I know I’m capable of it, it’s just a challenge. The three successive depressive episodes in the late summer/early fall totally screwed me over and I’m in a sort of probationary period, and I’ve got January left to prove myself. I did a good job the last two months and just need to keep it up. Whoo, no pressure or anything.

I am not looking forward to January, but 1/1/12 was ok. Only thirty days to go.


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