Worst day ever.

Days spent with a client who is paranoid and flagrantly psychotic and delusional make me wonder why I do what I do, sometimes.

Being accused of kidnapping her, stealing her clothes, and torturing her for three and a half hours?


Being told that I wasted my education because I don’t help anyone and I’m an idiot for three and a half hours?


Realizing that I’ve spent so much time being verbally abused that my PTSD is acting up and now I highly doubt my capabilities and intelligence?

I feel like dirt.

On the bright side, she’s now in the state hospital, getting the care she needs, and I’m at home, resting.

On top of being berated for hours on end, I’m also sick right now with a viral infection- so I didn’t even get any medication. I was offered sudafed which I have boxes of due to chronic allergies, and the sage advice “Oh, you’re still contagious. Just try not to breathe on anyone.” I tried wearing a mask at work but it is hard to breathe in so I was feeling like I was hyperventilating. My coworkers all decided they’d probably been plenty exposed already so told me to take it off because I looked silly, and not to drink out of their drinks or anything.

I should’ve been in bed hours ago. After getting fourteen hours of sleep last night I’m still feeling OK so enh.



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