Happy birthday to me!

I just had the best birthday weekend ever. Thursday night I hung out with my roommate, Friday I went out with my boyfriend to see The Hunger Games (which is fantastic, but take dramamine if shakycam gets you), on Saturday my parents took my boyfriend and I on a dinner cruise on one of the riverboats in Cincinnati, and then on Sunday, my boyfriend and I went with his sister and her fiance to a casino in Indiana to gorge at the buffet and lose money. My boyfriend’s sister gave me $20 for my birthday, so I guess I won in the end. …After I spent it all on two cent slots and my boyfriend won it back for me.

I can’t remember ever feeling this happy before. The whole weekend was nice, though I had an awful morning on Saturday and about took my boyfriend’s head off, and ended up making myself take a nap to not manage to kill him before the dinner cruise. He weathered it all with good humor and grace, and the cruise was fantastic, though dramamine was again my friend. A barge went by while we were docked and suddenly we were in a great floating elevator. It was fine once we cast off. Things just feel right for once, and even when I get unpredictably moody with him, he’s patient with me and he’s learning my triggers as we go so he knows what minefields he doesn’t want to tiptoe through, and which ones he will need to navigate. For example, grocery shopping. He went with me a weekend or two ago and dear GOD I didn’t think we’d both survive the trip. I evidently am quite a control freak about some things, and grocery shopping is one of them. The weird part is that I take clients shopping ALL THE TIME with little trouble, but I guess when it’s for their stuff, not mine, it’s ok. When it’s for my stuff? He kept messing up my system, nevermind that I didn’t give him the manual to said system or explain it in any way. I didn’t even realize I *had* a system until he was messing it up. I… have control issues.

My mother laughed hysterically when I told her this story. Even after sixteen years of marriage, she still can’t go grocery shopping with my stepdad without wanting to strangle him, so there’s that. She also suggested holidays as good “practice” for being married. I don’t think we’ll survive the holidays… On the other hand, if I just back off, think about it, and maybe take a klonopin, it isn’t so bad. I’ve just never coped well with changes in my routine, and dating (and eventually marriage) is doing nothing but messing my routine up. It’s worth it, though, if I get to keep my boyfriend in my life. I love him, and he loves me, and it’s just… nice.



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2 responses to “Happy birthday to me!

  1. Well Happy birthday late!!!!! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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