Today is my one year anniversary at my current employer. I am contemplating going to HR today and asking for intermittent FMLA, so that I can legitimately get random time off if I need it for my brain. I’ve done remarkably well since starting on Wellbutrin, but there will always be days like the last few have been.

I won’t be going to my convention, as all third-party products are being banned from the dealer room. This includes myself and a couple other fan artists, so I cancelled my table. Thankfully my travel partner was able to cancel our room without incurring fees, and I was able to cancel the table without fees due to the circumstances (and because I made the decision quickly enough, as the convention was at the end of this month.)

I guess this means I can move sooner? I’m thinking mid-May. My mom will be able to come down to help, and she can bring the van, which would help tremendously- I can probably get everything into a u-haul and her van for just one trip, except for the little things I will inevitably forget, most likely holiday things that my roommate will notice come said holidays.

I realized yesterday that I haven’t been on vacation since the summer of 2010. No wonder I’ve been feeling crispier than a french fry. I have GOT to get a good, solid week off. I’m now planning to take the week after my move to get settled and organized, and just relax, so I’ll only postpone a week of relaxation for a few weeks, and just bumming around my new place sounds more relaxing than driving to and from Dallas (which is about 16 hours straight) and being slightly frazzled by my booth. Fun, yes; relaxing, not so much.

And the apartment complex I’m looking at has a pool! And wifi. That’ll be useful. Now if only I can afford it all…


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