Sorry, it’s been a while

So, when we last saw our intrepid heroine, she was valiantly moving. Since then? Well, I brought home a bedbug from work, which tormented me for a solid month. I really, really wish I was kidding. I caught it fairly quickly, and spent about $150 buying mattress covers, and my boyfriend and I went over everything with a fine-toothed comb to ensure I wasn’t harboring any more of the blasted little buggers, but I ended up developing what I can only describe as “stress hives.” I would develop new itchy areas that welted as badly as a bedbug bite, but rather than in the bedbug pattern of three in a row, it would be here and there. I actually ended up sent to the ER a week ago Friday by my boss, because I was so hysterical I was having an increase in thoughts. Once I got some sleep, and decided to try and just rest and recover, the hives went away and I’ve been better since. (Though now I’ve got some mosquito bites from being outdoors all day yesterday, but that’s a much smaller welt, and less itchy.)

My FMLA and accommodations under the ADA were all approved! Our HR person left the agency abruptly (read: fired, but we don’t talk about it) so the person covering just approved it, rather than making it into the nitpicky fight I had on my hands before. Which is fantastic, since I had to use it four times during the month due to completely losing my mind. I got all caught up last week at work (starting Tuesday) and am trying really, really hard not to do that again. Ever. Because it was awful.

It’s so hot out right now, I’m absolutely dying in my room. I bought an air conditioner for my room, but my windows slide horizontally, rather than vertically. I looked up how to go around that and found instructions, which means my boyfriend and I have to build a frame for it, but I can’t be bothered at the moment because, again, TOO HOT. Sleeping is hard but I’ve discovered the addition of a klonopin to my nightly benedryl is enough to knock me out despite the fact that my room is about 10 degrees warmer than the living room, where the A/C is, and stifling despite the always-on fan. I’m not too concerned about having a window unit because I live on the third floor, I just want to make sure it doesn’t fall out. I doubt it would survive the fall and I’d be out a hundred bucks I don’t have.

We had a family reunion this past weekend, and my boyfriend got to meet my stepdad’s extended family for the first time, along with most of my stepsisters. Everybody seemed to like him, though he was very nervous, because he wants to be liked. I totally get that, and I want him to be liked, too. I’m just secretly glad that I don’t have to be introduced to such a huge family of his, because both my mom and stepdad have four siblings, and all of them have been very, very fruitful, so to say, so there are a lot of people to meet. Poor boyfriend. He’ll be okay, though.


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