(Gratuitously stolen from my LJ, because I can be kinda lazy at four AM.)


I’ve been rather MIA for a while. I have a good reason! Reasons. Oh, such reasons.

The bedbuggy scourge MIGHT be defeated. I’ve not had a bite in a week, which is promising, but adults go 5- 10 days between meals, so I’m giving it until after the guy comes and sprays one more time before doing my victory dance. Everything I own that was in my bedroom, is either in sterilite bins, or black trashbags, strewn from my room to the living room, and some are in my car, such as books, which don’t agree to being put in a dryer. I’ll cycle all my crap through once I find a shit to give again.

I am horribly, horribly sick with one of those damned awful summer colds that comes up with a new symptom of the day, and has been, for a week. My former roommate’s wedding was last Saturday and I felt like I’d been hit by a bus, and it only has gotten worse from there. Right now it’s stiffness and pain in all my joints, that isn’t a constant pain, oh, no. The odd shooting pain, like someone just jabbed something sharp and pointy in and wrenched. I keep missing work due to being crazy or sick, and now I’m paranoid I’ll lose my job because I’m so damn unreliable right now.

I’ve been hanging out with my sister a lot, now that she’s moved down to my city, and my boyfriend. I feel more social now than ever before, but it’s nice having my own space (however currently upside-down, much to my twitchy consternation) so I can retreat.

The bedbugs, illness, and other assorted crazymaking-factors has led to, you guessed it, a nice downswing. Yay for more paranoia and disturbing thoughts! It’s no wonder my clients hide things from me. Sometimes I worry the men in white coats are coming for me, too, if I say anything…


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