New complications arise! My favorite. *groan*

I got a call from HR, and I can’t come back until I get authorized by my psychiatrist. But my doctor has to sign a letter they’re writing up, so they’ll call me when it’s done, and I can go pick it up or they can mail it. (How long will I be off work for? This could take forever…) Hopefully I will get said call today, so I can go get it and take it to my doctor for a signature. My doctor didn’t call me back on Thursday, either. I’m going to go install myself in her office with my crochet so I can hunker down if needs be. I do see my therapist Saturday, and I forgot to call her and catch her up on the situation.

I was less twitchy and agitated today, but it’s still lurking. My sister said she’ll fix my hair, it’s not too bad, just obvious that some parts are now too long. She came over but we got distracted by organizing things and hanging things up, which makes her happy, and keeps my brain busy, so win/win. She looked really guilty about having something to do tomorrow night. I’ll survive. I’ve got oodles of yarn, and crochet keeps my hands busy and slows my brain down a bit. I’m making a shawl right now. It’s presently more of a scarf, but yes, shawl.


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