The Road to Wellville

Well, my week of resting is drawing to a close, and I do feel rested, at least physically. My sleep is all wonky because I have been enjoying being decadent and sleeping twelve hours at a time, and then I don’t want to/can’t sleep when I should be going to bed (hence writing this post at 5:00 am, after giving up on sleep for a bit. I can only lie in bed and be annoyed by trains for so long.)

On a tangential note about trains… I’ve got a fan going for white noise, but as there are four train tracks within throwing distance of my apartment (and an interstate, to add insult to injury) obviously it’s a bit more than white noise can handle. Especially when the train has to HOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK at every. single. intersection. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m afraid earplugs would make it even harder to get up successfully in the morning, but it seems to be train season and I’m woken up by them a couple times a night, anymore. Are there any… I don’t know, smart earplugs that I can still hear my alarm, but they block out trains? (Obviously a long shot. Or a niche, if anyone is of the enterprising type! I’ll take my 10% in small, unmarked bills.) …Ugh. There goes another one. I’m not kidding, this is probably the sixth to eighth one tonight. When I first moved here in May, it was one or two a night. I don’t know why the sudden uptick in trains blasting by at stupid o’clock in the morning, but I’d really like it to stop. :/

In other news, my shop has been doing markedly better than it ever has. I started a facebook page, and got all of my pictures updated, and all of the things lying around that weren’t listed, listed. One necklace sold hours after posting it, which was novel. I feel a bit like an attention whore, but as this is for a good cause (me remaining housed, due to losing a week’s pay for my mental health vacation,) the site is Helpful Cat Creations, and the coupon code for 10% off is EKPNEEDSRENT. My sparkly new Facebook page is Helpful Cat Creations. I brag on post all new listings there, along with pictures of old pieces, current projects, and whatever else strikes my fancy. And that’s about enough of me being an attention whore.

I called my boss today, to ask if it was OK to do paperwork at home right now, or if I should wait until I return to work. (This was the source of a freak-out yesterday night.) HR said absolutely not, no work until Tuesday, so my boss cleared my Tuesday schedule so I can get all nice and caught up for September. The anxiety and guilt about my paperwork lifted off my shoulders after that conversation, and while I still have some anxiety, it’s getting better. I was able to drive to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby to try to find boxes for jewelry to ship, and it wasn’t as nerve-wracking as it’s been lately, which is good, because they were both lousy for boxes and I need to go to other craft stores tomorrow. And I’m out of packing tape. I didn’t have my sister for a social buffer, either. I even stopped at Steak n’ Shake for a Royale steakburger (I didn’t know a fried egg on a bacon cheeseburger could be so addicting but they ARE) and didn’t freak out there, either. I think I might actually be on the mend!

Now if only I could do something about these damn trains. Another one is going by right now. That’s, I dunno, train #9 or so. UGH.


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