Pointless, with too many pointy edges

Life feels completely pointless right now. My two major stressors have been resolved, and I’m settling back down into depressed and not necessarily suicidal, but morbid thoughts. Right now, I don’t think I’d mind if I didn’t wake up in the morning.

Life just feels… pointless. And I feel fragile and poked and prodded into a corner.



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2 responses to “Pointless, with too many pointy edges

  1. As someone who has struggled with depression for many years, I just wanted to reach out and encourage you to keep hanging on. Find your center, keep your hands and mind busy, reach out to those who love you and you\’ll get yourself back again …

    • I’m gradually getting better. Feeling almost back to normal, now, though I still have a dearth of spoons. Thank you for the support. It means a lot to know that people are out there rooting for me.

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