My blog appears to do better when I’m doing worse.

I’ll take the decline in hits, for mental wellness. It’s cool.

My therapist and I talked a little bit about anger, based on that writing I did the other day (and managed to leave on my table, because I am amazing like that.) I realized that when things started getting really bad with my stepdad, was when he’d resumed drinking. My therapist pointed out that alcoholics can be awful even when they’re sober, and even though I perceived everything as against me, it might’ve been more him than I ever thought.

We also talked about the relationship between depression and bipolar depression, and hypothyroidism. Both times I’ve had a depression that has lasted more than a month, has been when my thyroid levels were low. My therapist said she’ll never give a diagnosis without confirmation that the thyroid function is right, as a result. Now I’m curious if there have ever been studies on this phenomenon, but as I am not a student anymore, I don’t have access to a lot of the journals. Maybe it could be my thesis someday? I’unno, we’ll see.


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