Crochet until my wrists fall off

I am the dictionary definition of a procrastinator.

Every year, sometime before Thanksgiving, I figure out what I’m making everybody for Christmas. Theoretically this costs less than going to the store and giving away my money there, but not always. Pretty much without fail since my Freshman year of college, I have crocheted everyone a scarf. I can crochet a rectangle like a badass. A few years ago, I expanded into CIRCLES and thus added hats to my repertoire.

This year? This year I pulled out all the stops, and actually learned how to do something new. Everyone is getting fingerless gloves, with or without the partial fingers. (Oddly enough, I made one of each, and had people try them on to tell me which they preferred. All the men preferred the gloves with fingers, and all the women, without. Kinda weird.) So I managed to hit Michael’s when a nice bulky self-striping acrylic yarn went on sale for $2 a ball (it’s normally $5) and one ball makes a pair of gloves, so I got all my Christmas shopping done for $30.

The nice thing about buying everything in a store is, you just have to wrap it- and sometimes you can even be even MORE lazy and have THEM wrap it. Making your own? Ah-heh.

So I started out strong with two pairs- the initial two- and then went “enh, I can make a pair in a couple hours, I’ve got plenty of time.” This happens to me every year- I figure out how long it takes to make everything, and then give myself less time than that to finish them all. I was even off work almost two full weeks due to being crazy, and STILL got nothing done.

There’s a reason my brother has only gotten one present in the last three years- the hat I started for the first year didn’t get finished until the following Christmas. Last year’s hat? Still sitting unfinished in my crochet bin. And now I want to finish that AND add gloves. Augh. But he gets cool hats. I made him a 1-Up mushroom hat, complete with little onyx bead eyes, and the one in my bin is a green hat with Yoda ears. Well, a Yoda ear. I guess I didn’t finish the second one. I have no idea, I’m a mess.

I did manage to get my team’s presents finished and wrapped for our Christmas… thing. Last year we had a little potluck, exchanged gifts, were generally jolly. Everyone’s so demoralized this year, we’re just going out to a restaurant, as our control-freak boss thought it took too long last year. We’re going to the world’s slowest restaurant for lunch, so I don’t think we’ll be back any FASTER.

Everybody’s getting gloves from me, though, because I already had made most of them by the time I figured out we weren’t exchanging gifts. I do that for every holiday, though- Easter baskets, Valentines, Halloween goodie bags… Random things in the middle as the mood strikes.

It’s hard to improve morale with stuff like that right now, but our team is getting the best Christmas present ever.

We’re getting a new supervisor!

Our present supervisor took another job in the agency that’s closer to her home, so we’ll be getting a new one, eventually. Tears of joy were quietly shed after THAT announcement. So I guess the Christmas awkwardness is due to our not knowing how to send her off, or really wanting to, as most platitudes ring pretty hollow. I dunno.

All I know is, my wrists hurt from all the crochet. I’ve had to break out the nighttime braces for them, and have to wear craft braces while I’m working.

I’m feeling more like myself, I’ve been able to be crafty… now let’s see how long this lasts.



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3 responses to “Crochet until my wrists fall off

  1. Morbid Insanity

    I never learned how to do crochet gloves. 😦
    I love crochet! It is always my option when I can not think of anything to buy for some people. ^ ^

    • Crochet is my go-to present, too. I only learned how to do crochet gloves by looking up tutorials on YouTube.

      Here’s the tutorial I used to make mine. She’s got a ton of them and they’re super easy to follow. I simply cannot learn how to read and understand crochet instructions- I have to watch someone actually do it.

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