I’m sick and tired of waking up in a ball

Woke up in a ball this morning. Again. I had nightmares about dying, both in freak accidents and from long illnesses that sapped me of everything. I tried taking a klonopin to go in late, but that didn’t work, either.

So, here I sit, hating myself a little bit more because I continue to be utterly made of fail at making it through an entire week of work.

*sigh* It’s rainy and dreary outside, and in my heart. I’m going back to bed.



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2 responses to “I’m sick and tired of waking up in a ball

  1. I am sorry for your bad day. I want to encourage you with this….. you and I have yet to live the best day of our lives. It is worth waiting for, don’t you think? I want to tell you to hold on and be kind to yourself. Things will get better.

    I had such a bad and depressing week. But guess what! The painful experience was turned into a huge blessing!! Not only am I meeting a long lost relative because a rejection, but my blog post is getting published by Christian Focus Magazine. Bad days or experiences can turn around. I know, I am a brain tumor survivor and my blog is aptly named weepingintodancing!

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