Whew, what a weekend. Time for some disjointed ramblings!

I wanted to post on Monday and on time today, but the internet at my parents’ house is spotty at best and convincing it to do what I wanted was an insurmountable challenge. I am finally, blessedly home, in my PJs with a cat on my lap purring her head off, after a harrowing drive in a snowstorm. I am thankfully very good at driving in snow, having grown up in Michigan, after all, but good lord, that doesn’t mean I *want* to. I need to hurry up and devise a way to teleport.

I think the holidays went well; I was up and about by ten every day, and in bed by midnight (though I had trouble falling asleep- my room was too hot, and too quiet, and my sister’s fiance had made off with the fan for his own white noise,) so that went well. I had a couple crying spells and depressive moments, so I took a nap on Christmas eve and Christmas day, which I think irritated my parents, but at least I wasn’t falling to pieces. Oddly enough I slept okay after napping those days, so I’m thinking my overall difficulty sleeping led to me being really tired and emotional. Having my sister and her fiance there as a buffer was helpful, as well. I’m glad I napped on Christmas day, as evidently my stepdad had a bit of a meltdown over iTunes. (I wish I was kidding; he got a ipod for Christmas, and spent the rest of the time I was home periodically freaking out over some element of the Apple music universe.) I woke up when I heard raised voices but just rolled over, deciding I didn’t want to know. Sometimes I’d get a bit out of sorts when my sister and her fiance talked about how they don’t want to live in Cincinnati and are planning to move away. As I told my stepdad at some point, “My heart hurts whenever they say that.” I love spending time with my sister and getting to know her, so every time they start talking about moving to the east or west coast, it feels like my heart is being torn out. It also hurts when they talk about hating Cincinnati because I love this city and want them to love it, too.

There was some diet talk among people- especially my sister’s fiance to my sister, which bugs me a LOT, as she is working on some really disordered eating patterns that confuse me, and he’s encouraging it- but nobody addressed it to me, and it was not done while I was in the room, for the most part. I did tell my sister’s fiance to stop weight-shaming the poor dog. He can’t help it that he’s shaped like a cinder block, and he bulked up a bit for winter, but he also is a very GOOD vacuum-dog, and it has been nonstop holidays, so of course he’s put on a bit, but that doesn’t mean he needs harassed any more than anyone else does. That seemed to put the kibosh on weight-shaming the rest of the time I was there, towards anyone, which made me feel good.

For Christmas, my parents got me a Dremel, which I’ve wanted for jewelry making purposes. It has so many little bits to do all kinds of things with and I do believe I will be gleefully getting up to no good soon. Mom turned it into “drill Christmas,” getting my brother and my sister cordless drills as well. I’m happy with my specialty drill, as it will be much more useful for me than the normal tool version. Besides, my sister’s here enough; next time we put something together or hang something up, she can bring hers over.

My mom’s side of the family did a White Elephant gift exchange, and oddly enough, there was very little trading going with gifts; everyone seemed to really like what they got. I got an amazing fountain my aunt found at a garage sale (this woman can find anything at a garage sale.) It is handmade out of heavy clay and gorgeous and there’s no way I would have ever gotten my hands on it for $20, which was the price limit of the gift exchange. The pump was broken when mom and I tested it. I’ve wanted a fountain, and have told mom that several times, but getting a decent one has been out of reach for me for a long time. Mom had decided to put one together for me for Christmas, and had found a pump and collected rocks from the cabin for it, but hadn’t found a container yet. The pump was exactly the right size, and worked perfectly. The fountain’s now happily bubbling away, and my cat has absolutely no idea what to do with it. She will sniff it and then run away, only to repeat the process a little bit later. She is now curled up in my lap, purring her head off, and staring at the fountain. I’m curious if she’ll start drinking out of it at some point. Mom’s cocker spaniel loves her outdoor fountain and treats it like his personal drinking fountain in the summer, so he was drinking out of it while it was on.

I got to spend a ton of time with my beloved nephews! I “won” Christmas again with nephew #1; he’s a big Transformers fan, so it’s pretty easy to win Christmas. We’re good buddies, he and I. He’s four, so the Robot Heroes toyline is right up his alley. I got him a Charlie Burns with some sort of tool (it looks like the jaws of life) figure, that can attach to the Optimus Prime he already has. He was beyond thrilled. My parents got the duo matching Spiderman costumes, the ones with the built-in muscles; nephew #2, who’s 18 months, looks HILARIOUS. He is presently obsessed with cellphones so he had my sister’s iphone for the better part of two days stuck to the side of his head. He only carried it around, and got very confused when you’d call it and make it vibrate.

I would like to thank the anonymous reader who sent me a card and gift; it was greatly appreciated, and gives me a lot of hope. It’s nice to know that people out there are actually reading this blog of mine, and getting something out of it. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I will pay it forward as soon as I am able to do so. 🙂

Happy Holidays, dear readers. I am so grateful to have spent the last two years with you, and am looking forward to the coming year! Hopefully it’ll go a little more smoothly than this one did.


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