Because hey, why not shoot for five posts this week?

After posting on Tuesday, I figured maybe posting on Thursday wouldn’t hurt, either. Besides, I’m busy reaping the rewards of sleeping during the day and am now wide awake, and craving a diet Dr. Pepper, which will definitely NOT help the sleep problem.

To my anonymous blog reader who gave me the lovely Christmas gift of a Target card; thank you again. Your gift let me buy cat food, cat treats, a new scratch pad, and a new laser pointer for my kitty. I contemplated buying a toy for myself, as it has been ages since I could buy a Transformer, but a toy for my cat is about 3000x more entertaining. She’s currently rocketing around the apartment chasing the little red dot, she loves her new scratch pad as the old one wasn’t very scratchy anymore, and it’s comforting to know that she’ll have food through this lean period, as I was running low on dry food and her favorite treats- and she does not cope well without those two things. My ankles can attest to that. So thank you from both of us, though I will be honest and tell you she doesn’t particularly care why the little red dot is back, she is just glad it has returned.

I’m optimistic that I can make it through this, because I have so many people backing me and giving me support, even if it’s just by reading my blog. Knowing you’re out there is nice. I know I’ve got my family, normal family interactions aside; they love me and I know it. I have a boyfriend who cares for me, even if we aren’t always communicating on the same wavelength. We’re actually almost to a year of dating, which is a record; I’ve never had a boyfriend longer than about six months. Usually just enough time to hit a downswing and chase him off.

I am worried about work on some level, but I refuse to let my fear, anxiety, and depression win. I’ve already cowered two days this week and I cannot afford to cower any more. I need my job, and I *like* my job, so I’d like to hold on to it, thanks.

Thank you all for all your support. Without it, I don’t know what I’d do.


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