It’s amazing how much better getting some crafting in, makes me feel

So on the days last week I was out (I want to say Tuesday and Wednesday,) I did some crafting, and that helped me get through Thursday and Friday. Most notably, I made memory wire Transformer character bracelets that have been selling like MAD. I’ve got requests, I’ve sold several before they’ve officially been listed by talking about them on Facebook… it’s been awesome. Nothing quite like making something and then SELLING it, within an hour of listing it for sale! So that’s been a huge boost to the ego, and the pocketbook. It led to a little bit of mania Friday night but I made myself take a nap, which helped me calm down.

Work went well on Friday, despite my fears; I talked to my supervisor and admitted being sort of scared of our supervision time (which she had to reschedule with me for Tuesday) and her response was, “Why? I don’t have anything in particular to talk to you about, we have a meeting every morning.”

It’s amazing how much of a relief that was, to know that there’s no more passive-aggressive control freak nonsense going on. Our team feels happier; most of us went out to lunch together Friday and it felt good, that we weren’t going to be scolded upon return for taking too long. Hell, my new supervisor wasn’t even THERE by afternoon, she’d had to go elsewhere.

I am behind on paperwork and I brought my computer home to try and poke at it tomorrow, which I have off. I’m pretty sure I’ll just end up lazing around, beading, napping, and ignoring it, but it’s the thought that counts. I wanted to get more done Friday but there was a wrench thrown in my schedule and then I got distracted. Gotta focus more, but my sound machine is now at home, so I need to break out the headphones and the white noise websites I’ve found so I can get things accomplished. Especially with only having three functional days next week- we have a mandatory day-long training Friday.

Maybe I’ll force myself to work for an hour or two tomorrow anyway. It can’t hurt.


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