The Great Wall of Meds

My sister went into my bathroom one day, looking for bandaids, I believe. My bathroom has a small sliding glass door medicine cabinet, which is where she looked first. She yelled to me to ask where the bandaids were, which is under the sink for lack of room. She called the medicine cabinet “The Great Wall of Medication” and she’s pretty much correct.

I have meds for anxiety, meds for depression, meds for mood stabilizing, meds to sleep, meds for allergies, birth control to regulate my hellacious periods, meds to take to combat some of the side effects of the other meds… it’s a mess. I’m a mess. Filling my planner weekly makes me depressed, as I cram eleven pills into it, half of which are prescribed, the other half recommended by various doctors.

I know the conspiracy theory says that the pharmacological companies aren’t researching cures when they can keep people on meds forever, but the existence of antibiotics and vaccines negate that, in my opinion. Aren’t those cures? Besides, how will they cure faulty parts of the body with one easy treatment? Most physical illnesses need to be kept in check chemically because it is a chemical fault with some organ. Profit driven or not, there will always be new illnesses to study, new cases of bacteria and infection that need antibiotics, and new babies to vaccinate. Sure, it might be short-term and therefore not “profitable” but there will never be a lapse in needing those treatments, just as there will never be a lapse in chronic ailments to treat.

But hey, it’s just my opinion. In the meantime, I have a Great Wall to tend to.


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