Oddly enough, I rarely get *physically* sick these days.

I spend so much time being off work for mental illness, I don’t really remember the last time I got sick. The current time is right now, as I woke up this morning (Thursday) with that feeling in my sinuses of “Oh, hey, by the way? All of us sinus cavities are conspiring against you to make you miserable and probably result in antibiotics again. Have a fantastic day!”

Ugh. I probably had twenty, thirty cough drops over the course of the day, and my body feels like lead. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel tomorrow but I know I’m definitely going to bed at like, six. I’ve missed PLENTY of time at work for being too depressed and/or passively suicidal to take time off for a sinus infection.

Good thing the after hours clinic is just up the road from my therapist’s office. I can head over there after my appointment Saturday if I still feel this bad, and get antibiotics, because I never get through a sinus infection without it becoming bronchitis without serious antibiotic intervention. My ears are already popping so I’m sure I’ll be mostly deaf for a week starting tomorrow. :/

Saturday was the Rennie Pub Sing, which is an annual thing we do to cope with the withdrawal from the Faire. My ex boyfriend texted me and asked if I still wanted him to come with me. I had been contemplating it for most of the week, not sure if I did or not, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going at this point, so it’s all moot.

I wish I had something insightful and poignant and educational to post, but my brain is complete mush and my everything hurts. Have a lovely Friday, everybody. Once I get home tomorrow I’m pretty sure I’ll collapse. Next week might be M-W-F just because I won’t have a buffer. (I write most of the next week’s posts over the weekend, and bump things around as needed. Scheduling posts is AWESOME.)


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