Seriously, why *am* I #4 on Google search for “HAES Yoga Cincinnati”?

This title might make me #1, though. It’s kind of exciting to Google something and come across my own blog on the first page, but also a bit annoying, in that I wasn’t doing it on purpose and I already know what’s on my blog because I wrote it, so Google needs to hurry up and give me the answers I want, dammit.

(Ahem. Still a bit high on nyquil. This stuff is awesome. Makes me a bit nervous that it’s like, 10% alcohol, and I don’t drink, but there’s absolutely no way I have any business behind the wheel of my one-ton death machine when I’m too sick to figure out walking…)

Anyway, there was a post on Facebook the other day on Everyday Feminism with the following image:

body size photo

Everyday Feminism tends to post a lot of fat-positive things, and the resulting discussion tends to be the same: a whole lot of people citing how fat people are hideous/can’t stop eating/are just bitter because they’re fat/deserve to be shamed/etc. and then a handful of people (usually me and assorted other awesome fatties I immediately friend request) arguing back, with links to Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating, and other such things.

One of my friends posted an article from HuffPost called Evidence that fat people can be as healthy as thin people. I thanked her for bringing the science, though it was widely ignored as the conversation went back to the usual fat shaming.

It’s hard being fat, let me tell you, but damn do I like to wade into nonsense like that with some links and some science. At least some of the time. Sometimes I’ve had quite enough fat shaming for the day, thank you, and I leave it alone, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it’s fun to truth-troll sometimes. I have always enjoyed watching Drama from afar, or dropping in to stir the pot and sit back and cackle afterwards.

…I think I have issues, guys.


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