Because resumes and cover letters and job interviews SUCK.

Sometimes, Cheezburger is helpful.

Stuff I’ve got to remember.

Hopefully I’ll commit all of this to memory. Actually, hopefully, I’ll actually GET an interview. But it’s only just barely Tuesday as I’m writing this so I might have an interrupting post at some point this week with better news… I have applied for pretty much every case management job in the city, as I have decided that job hunting WHILE employed is far less stressful than the unemployed equivalent. As of 6:49 AM on Tuesday, I still don’t know if I’ll be getting unemployment. I’m getting a bit… frazzled.

And really, really tired of not sleeping. But I’ve been crazy productive! I’ve made a lot of jewelry and caught up my backlog of commissions and orders, so there’s that. I’ve also been setting goals of how many jobs I’ll apply for in x number of days and doing ok at that, too.



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6 responses to “Because resumes and cover letters and job interviews SUCK.

  1. Applying for jobs is a job in itself.

    • It really is. I’m also getting really tired of the scammers who troll CareerBuilder calling me and offering me a job where I have to pay for my own training and then get to work on commission. Um, no thanks.

      • I feel your pain. Before I got the job I’m at now I had all kinds of sales job offers.

      • I’m a bit concerned because unemployment will terminate my case if I turn down “suitable” work so I hope that “total scam” doesn’t count as “suitable.” I also have to be careful what I apply for, because they don’t take income requirements into consideration for “suitable” so if I turn down a minimum wage job because I can’t afford to live on it, there goes my unemployment… this is quite an interesting tightrope walk.

  2. I wasn’t aware that unemployment was that difficult. Hopefully you can find something worthwhile.

    • Yeah, the list of requirements is as long as my arm, and yesterday I got a robocall telling me I need to keep paper copies of all applications and email trails for potential audits. It would’ve been nice to know that at the start of this nonsense. I’m saving everything digitally anyway, and can go back and see what I apply for on Careerbuilder, and I have emails for each successful application, but DAMN. They’re trying to scare me, and they’re doing an excellent job of it.

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