At least I’ve got some good news!

So I found out last week that it takes three weeks to get a determination on unemployment, so my determination would come this week sometime. Monday morning I got a call from the person actually determining my case, letting me have a rebuttal to my former agency’s claim. I explained that I did do everything assigned to me, and my new supervisor did not want to work with me on my ADA accommodations, or on my corrective action plan to help me meet productivity. I explained that she also had taken away several things that I had previously done to meet productivity, such as being the benefits specialist, and was pretty actively discouraging my attempts to find things to do that would meet productivity.

I impulsively checked the site Monday evening to discover that the decision had been made, and I was determined eligible for unemployment benefits.

This is… this is amazing. Here I’d been thinking I was completely trapped, and had no choice but to move back to Michigan, and now? Now there’s hope. I’ve been applying for all kinds of jobs in Cincinnati (and some up here in Michigan, but there’s just… nothing, up here,) and I’m feeling much relieved. I’m also sleeping much better, and keeping on a sleep schedule. My cat is not helping with that part, the horrid little beast, she’s decided that five AM is a fantastic time for me to be up. I do not agree.

Tomorrow I’ll get a haircut, and I’ll continue working on my project while I’m here- my mom and I are rehabbing an old dollhouse for one of my nieces. I spent the day scrubbing and sanding (I got to play with my dremel!) and tearing things apart to glue them back together properly, as it was put together by my stepdad at some point, and then “redecorated” by my three youngest sisters when they were all 12. I cannot even explain the hot glue globs. I really can’t. So I’ve been tearing that apart and am making serious progress, though I have now burned all of my fingers hot gluing balsa wood shingles onto the roof. But man, it’s gonna look good when I’m done, and it’s something nice and relaxing to do.

I’ve still got to sit down with my parents and go over the whole situation. They want to go over my budget with me, and come up with a plan. At least knowing I’ve got unemployment now, however piddly the amount, I will at least be able to hopefully support myself until I can get a new job, with support from my family.

Maybe if I’d never left Michigan in the first place, I wouldn’t be so hurt at the idea of leaving Cincinnati. I’ve been in love with Cincinnati since I was twelve, though, and even though I live in one of the poorest neighborhoods, and the building has cockroaches, and my downstairs neighbors are the noisiest people I’ve ever encountered, I still love it.

I don’t want to leave.


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