Despite our differences, I love my mom.

Last night, my mom and I went out to dinner and shopping. Mom wanted to get me some new professional clothes so I would be ready for interviews, and we put together my outfit for my sister’s wedding this summer while we were at it. We had a good time, and I got some nice clothes and a nice pair of shoes.

We talked a bit more about my illness, as I continue to try and explain what’s going on in my head. (Thankfully, she didn’t start in on the exercise thing again.) I kept getting choked up, which has been a recurring theme this week. I hope my parents will feel comfortable asking me questions about my illness, rather than making assumptions.

I applied someplace yesterday and got a callback a few hours later, and have a phone interview scheduled for 1:30 today. Cross your fingers. I need to go look the place up again, though, as I applied all over the place yesterday and can’t remember what this company does…

I’m still working on the dollhouse. Pictures once I take them, promise. The roof looks amazing.


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