Joblessness is killing me.

I feel like I’m suffocating. I’m slowly sinking into this abyss of hopelessness, and god knows it’s not like I have been that far out of it to begin with. I feel like Artax in the Swamp of Sadness, slowly sinking into the muck and not able to keep going.

It’s nice to know I’m not alone. It Happened To Me Contest Entry: Joblessness Crushed My Spirit

There was no amount of hard work or strategizing that could end my situation. I just had to go through it like millions of other people who were silently enduring being crushed by nothingness.

Crushed by nothingness. This writer talks about feeling very much like I am right now, about barely making ends meet and wanting to give up.

I thought I wanted to give up before I lost my job. And now I’m realizing that it was my job that was keeping me going, and now that I’m in free fall… I have no idea.


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