Not a good brain day

I got my sleep cycle all rearranged, got to bed on time, got up at a reasonable time, and then around noon, just… went back to bed. And slept for like, ten hours. I can’t decide if it’s because I’m depressed and have nothing better to do, or what. I’ve done nothing but sleep for days.

My phone rang repeatedly, but it was in the living room and I wasn’t, so I just checked my voicemail.

I got a call for an interview somewhere! I have been applying for so many jobs I don’t even know which one this was without looking it up, but I’ll call her back and schedule tomorrow morning. Finally!

Ironically enough, while I was lying there, listening to the phone, I wondered if one of the calls was about a job, but decided I didn’t care at the moment and it could go to voicemail. Hopefully this will pan out.

May is supposed to be a month of great change, after all, but I hope that change is “got employed” rather than “moved away.”



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7 responses to “Not a good brain day

    • Thanks. Some days it’s just hard to believe that. I admitted to myself the other day that I don’t think I’m capable of suicide, as much as I might want it in my moments of darkness, and it gave me some peace. I’ve been through so much shit, a little more awfulness won’t break me. (I hope.)

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