Want your blog listed in the blogroll? Please comment!

As I’m going to my parents’ for the weekend and it will likely be hectic and chaotic and the internet sucks there anyway, I’m just going to phone this one in (it’s Friday) with a call out to anybody who wants to be listed in the blogroll. I’m good about keeping everything ELSE up, link-wise, but I totally suck at following up on MY followers to add them to the blogroll.

If you’d like me to add your blog, comment with the link! If you’re already listed but I screwed up the link, let me know! If I actually managed to add you correctly, I’ll take one cookie, please, for not failing on ALL fronts.

Yes, I’ve been up since like, two this morning, as I’m too nervous about my job interview to sleep. I got about five hours of sleep because I went to bed at 8:30. I’m going to try to go back to sleep now but enh.


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