Because I’m positively swimming in money.

So I took my kitty to the vet Tuesday morning, as I was very concerned about infection and the like after her tooth fell out in my hand on Monday. She was remarkably calm and well-behaved, and the vet commented on how good of a kitty she is. (She is, mostly. She likes to chew on me occasionally, though.) It looks like she is going to need $700 to $1400 in dental work, as she needs up to all six of her upper back teeth removed. The $700 is if the vet just has to remove what’s left of the roots of the missing tooth and none of the rest have to go, but she’s estimating the rest will probably also need to be pulled, and the $1400 is if it ends up taking an hour and a half, but she was pretty sure she can get it done in an hour, so it would be closer to a thousand dollars. She gave my cat an antibiotic injection to keep infection at bay at the site of the lost tooth so hopefully it won’t end up abscessing because EW.

My cat was originally a feral kitten who was caught in a catch and release spay/neuter program, but she had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic and nearly died. The vet who performed the operation called that lady you call to take care of the ones that aren’t going to make it, and she was able to nurse my kitty back to health. She was blind for a good six months, but her vision gradually returned- she still has no depth perception, which is quite frankly hilarious more than anything, as she’s strictly indoors-only- and I adopted her from the no-kill shelter the woman volunteered at, when my cat was about a year old. Nobody at the shelter knew what anesthetic it was, and all I know is the name of the vet who originally performed the procedure.

My current vet and I talked about this, and her theory is that, due to it being a feral spay and not someone’s pet, they likely didn’t intubate her, so the brain damage was from hypoxia, versus brain swelling as the shelter assumed. My vet is confident that she can perform the procedure safely, though they will be taking extra precautions, and she will definitely be intubated. Both myself and the vet’s office are trying to figure out what anesthetic it was, just to be safe, though it was likely ketamine as that’s common and cheap, and thus would be the anesthetic of choice for a feral spay. It still makes me nervous- this fear is why I balked at having her teeth cleaned regularly, as I didn’t know if it would kill her or not, and I would rather only risk it once or twice than on a regular basis.

And then there’s the joy of the cost of it all. The vet’s office gave me paperwork for Care Credit, which I can use to help stretch the payments out, rather than have a huge bill to pay before my cat can get what she needs. I figure I’ll make some cat-themed jewelry (or rather quite a lot of it) and I’ll have a “Help Helpful Cat” sale to raise some of the funds for her treatment. I have a second interview coming up at the place I interviewed at on Friday (yay!) so maybe I’ll become gainfully employed soon and things won’t be quite as dire.

I also had a conversation with my mom about the falling-out on Monday, but that’s a whole other post worth of nonsense. I was up until stupid o’clock crying and composing my response, and worrying about my cat and the possibility that I was being written out of the will completely, so to speak, so today I had very few spoons. I managed the vet and sort of talked to my mother, which was blessedly interrupted by a call from my therapist who was looking to reschedule next week’s appointment with me and wound up listening to me blubber on the phone for a few minutes before rescheduling said appointment to this Thursday, and telling me to go to bed. It’s amazing how much of a difference sleep makes, and I was able to have a rational conclusion to the conversation with my mother. I’m still processing it, so I’ll have to write all of that later. For now? I’m exhausted. I think it’s bubblebath time, and then an early bedtime.


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