Whew, that was scary

So Tuesday’s interview went well, I feel. I was told there would be a “couple of people” there but there were eight. Eight at a conference table, several of whom were bigwigs that, like, started the agency.

No pressure, of course.

I think I did well, though there were a couple points where I felt like I was floundering around and didn’t actually answer the questions. They all went around the circle and asked me questions, and I managed to think up good anecdotes for each, and seems how I had a fantastic supervisor at my first professional job, I was able to verbalize what I would like to emulate in a supervisor- building up his team, taking care of them, and standing up with them or for them if needed.

They said that they’ve got a few more interviews and they will decide by Friday, and they will let me know either way.

That said, tomorrow I’m going to get all dressed up and go to the Goodwill to fill out an application in person, along with possibly Costco, which might not pay a WHOLE lot but they do pay decently, and at this point I’m running out of time in a rapid manner.

I called my mom after the interview and we talked about the interview, and about my overall finances at the moment, but we didn’t go into any more depth than that. She was at work, and I was tired from being too stressed to sleep, and scared to bring it up. I am sure we’ll have to talk about it at some point, or we could just do it the way my family has done it for generations and completely ignore that the argument ever happened. The more I think about it, the more I realize just how institutionalized this passive-aggressive behavior is in my family. We are all so afraid to upset certain people and walk on eggshells around them, but it seems that each person has another person that needs to be treated like this. My maternal grandfather is the main one, but we all have our own other person we can’t be honest with and not have it diverge into an argument.

Families are hard.


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