One cup of baking soda in a warm bath DOES help with itching, but not as much as oatmeal. The more you know.

So the interview went well Tuesday, and I felt good about it. When I got home, I created a fundraiser page for my cat’s dental procedure.

I then spent the entire night and most of the next day freaking out about said fundraiser and said employment opportunity, worried to death about both of them. I didn’t go to sleep until Wednesday morning at nineish, after taking a long bath to try to calm down.

I don’t have a lot of skin issues, but I get really, really bad stress hives or eczema at times. Also, I’ve discovered that I am so damn allergic to bedbugs, that when I’m stressed, old bites that have long since healed start itching again, BAD. To the point where I bruise myself accidentally because I’m not paying attention to how hard I’m itching. See, I was a nail biter most of my life, until this past summer I got fake nails for my roommate’s wedding, and kept up with getting the gel filled in for over six months. This broke the habit and now I have actual, real fingernails that are sharp and hard. However, I spent most of my life itching with the relatively squishy tips of my fingers. Now that I have nails? OW. The re-emergence of those bites also freaks me out for obvious reasons, so I spent a vast portion of the morning hyperventilating.

I slept most of the day. I meant to only sleep 5-6 hours and then get up, and set my alarm accordingly, but my body was like, “we have nowhere to be, what is wrong with you? Eight hours, MINIMUM.” I slept… exactly eight hours.

At least my body knows what to do when my sense completely fails me.

I’ll know Friday about the job either way, and I just need to tough it out for a few more days. As for my cat, so far the fundraiser page has raised $153, and that’s $153 more than I had in the first place. I have plans for what kind of jewelry to make for an Etsy sale to help raise additional funds, now I just have to make it. I had thought about it today, but yeah, that obviously didn’t happen.

…I need to go check my mail. Hopefully my medication arrived. I took my last Celexa either Thursday or Friday and I’m pretty confident that the lack thereof is not doing my mental state any favors. But going to check the mail entails putting on pants. *pathetic flail*


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