And on a different note…

Yesterday I got a call, and I was lying in bed, ignoring the phone, but I decided to go check on it. I was pretty miserable but the message was definitely a quick pick-me-up; the HR person from Goodwill was calling. I applied for a job there when I first became unemployed that I was excited about. It would be basically what I’m used to doing, case management, but with the disabled workers at the main site. I think changing pace from the mentally ill to the developmentally disabled might help me a lot, because it would give me some distance and maybe help me feel more stable, if I’m not dealing with unstable clients. I’m sure there is overlap, as I have had clients with both mental illness and developmental disabilities, but it’d be nice for that not to be the majority.

I called her back, and we scheduled an interview for 1:30 today. (I just remembered I needed to write a post for today at, oh, 11:15. I am really good at cutting it close, it seems.)

So I got up early today to take my cat to the vet. She did okay in the car ride, but then a great big lab stuck his face right up to her crate to say hello when we got there, and she peed herself in shock. Poor thing, she can’t even manage 20 minutes in her crate these days… so she’ll be getting a bath on top of everything else, and hopefully they’ll hose out the crate, too. There’s nothing quite as noxious as cat urine. She was definitely not talking to me once we got to the vet, refusing to turn around or even look at me. I told her I loved her and that I’ll see her soon, and I’m hoping she’ll be okay. I had a bit of a panicked-mother episode as I fretted over her allergy, and they’ll do blood work to check allergies first, I guess. I signed a form approving it, along with everything else. Her fundraiser has been fantastically successful, bringing in $926 as of today. I stopped to get some beads to work on some cat-themed jewelry- now that I’m not in quite the funk I’d been in, I am finally getting my creative jive back- so hopefully I can cover the rest soon.

Which reminds me, I need to see if my card has come in for my CareCredit, or if I need to print something off of their website… I have so much to do today and I don’t seem to have the brainpower to keep it all in my head at once. I need to write myself a list, but I think I’ll worry about all that AFTER the interview. I went to Lane Bryant, as my former roommate gave me a $50 gift card for my birthday, and I found a jacket that goes with a pair of trousers mom bought for me when I was at home, so now I have something resembling a suit again. (I have a nice suit coat but the matching pants have since been retired because I wore them to death.) Now I’m going to go shower and take a klonopin before I vibrate right out of my skin with anxiety. At least the job interview’s keeping me busy today, so I’m not just sitting here fretting about my cat.

Wish us both luck, I think we’re going to need it.


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