Augh this is becoming a terrible habit

I have eleven minutes to write this post before it’s late. XD

In my defense, yesterday was EXHAUSTING. Between worrying about my kitty, to the job interview, I was a bit stretched. The vet called around 3:00 to say that Chihiro had made it through her surgery, but they had to remove ALL of her teeth except for the canines and the incisors (the tiny ones in front), and she was under for three hours. My stomach hit my shoes, as the $1400 estimate was for half of her teeth and one and a half hours of work, so I wasn’t sure how the price would be effected by this. She was starting to come around, but the vet wanted me to call around five to see how she was doing, as they might need to keep her overnight for observation.

The wind knocked out of me, I proceeded to fret for a while, and then the phone rang. I answered it, and it was a local agency I applied to on Saturday, calling to see if I’d do a quick phone interview.


After a pretty good phone interview, she asked me to come in on Thursday for an in-person interview, so I have another interview scheduled this week! This would be basically the job I did at my first agency, for the same money as my second, but it’s in town, so the driving would be a lot less. I loved my first job and only left because the money was terrible and the corporate atmosphere was so toxic it was destroying the place. This agency, however, wins awards ALL THE TIME for employee satisfaction, so that is a fantastic sign. The supervisor who called me asked when I could start working, and said that one of her employees will be leaving in two weeks, so I get the feeling she’s wanting to get someone in place ASAP. How convenient that I could literally start the very next morning!

I called the vet again at five, and they said Chihiro was doing really well, and I could come get her around six. I trundled up there and was given an extremely stoned kitty, but they said she’d eaten and drank, and even used the litterbox, so she was ready to go. Chihiro was very out of it last night, and very skittish, and pilling her was a PAIN, but she was acting more like herself by ten. We even played with the laser pointer at her request (she will stand up on her hind legs and paw at the laser pointer on my desk when she wants to play) and though she was a bit slower than usual, she was still very playful.

This morning, she seemed right back to normal. She’s meowing and purring again- I’m sure her throat was sore yesterday after being intubated for three hours- and she’s even sleeping in my lap again. Medicine time wasn’t great but it went better than usual, and she seems pretty psyched about the all wet food diet.

So I was a bit worried about the cost, only to find out that they’d discounted me almost $300, to bring the final price to $1300. Even though they did twice as much work as expected, and she was under twice as long, I still paid less than the high quote. I could’ve kissed someone. So I only had to put $400 on the CareCredit card, and I have six months without interest to pay it off. Jewelry sales alone ought to cover that!

(BWAHAHAHA I made it. I finished this at exactly 12:00. XD)


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