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This whole time since I’ve lost my job and the possibility of me having to move home came up, my parents have been insisting it will save me money and I’ll be in a much better financial position, because I’ll be able to save some money.

My unemployment didn’t cover all of my bills, which is why I had to move. The only bills I’ve now lost are rent, which I couldn’t afford anyway, and electricity. My parents are making me get my own internet, which I got for like, $10 cheaper than I was getting. I am going to ditch my phone plan (which will cost like $200) and port my number over to my parents’ plan and pay $15/month for what I use it for, versus $70. So tada, I’ve saved some money, right?

I have a $45/month storage rental fee, now, because my parents did not want my belongings in their house (despite them having a gigantic Victorian that is mostly unused right now.) Also, I’m moving my car from Ohio to Michigan. Michigan has some of the highest insurance rates in the country. I’ve been calling around getting quotes, and even just the bare bones coverage is nearly twice what I’d been paying in Ohio. As I traveled a lot and drove people around, I had obscene amounts of coverage, just in case, and paid about $80/month, complete with renter’s insurance on my apartment. Getting the same amount of coverage here is a number that makes me want to throw up. Getting something that’s still full coverage but at the minimum amounts is running from $120-150 depending on where I’ve looked. Not to mention that I just got everything paid up in Ohio in March, now I’ll have to get the plate and registration changed over, along with updating my driver’s license. There’s also the $200 cancellation fee on my phone, and final bills for electric, internet, and cell phone, and installation fees for the internet here and getting started on my parents’ phone plan. And did I mention the thousands of dollars in medical bills I owe? I’m paying like, $15 here and $25 there, but I have a total of $179.13 that I have to pay A MONTH in various medical bills. I haven’t even started a plan for my therapist, whom I owe a lot of money to as well. I’m waiting for a final tally bill to set something up with them. I’ve got everything all laid out, and before insurance and my therapist bill, I only have about $250 left monthly.

I still have to buy my own medication, food, and gas for whatever vehicle I’ll be driving- presently it’s my parents’ clunky, gas-guzzling van. Meds can run a good $50 by themselves. Gas in Michigan is obscenely expensive compared to Ohio. All of this, and my stepdad wants me to contribute $250 to the food bill. I had been living on about $100 in groceries a month and just making a lot of spaghetti.

Due to the whole thing going down with my brother, this past week we’ve been focused on getting him situated and watching my nephew. We finally dropped them off, but mom was driving my brother’s car here to sit until the title situation can be worked out with it, and I drove the van. When I got home, there was a note from mom that she’d gone to bed and we’d talk about my budget tomorrow.

I’ve got it all figured out. It just boils down to this: living here isn’t saving me a dime. It just means I’m paying all of my bills and that’s just about it. All I’m really going to be able to do is housework until I’m ready to go back to work and can actually contribute.

On the way back, when I was alone in the van, at first I was thinking all positive about things. I could totally get a job! I can do that! …And over the course of a 45 minute drive I went from optimistic to just about crying over the situation. I don’t really think I’m ready yet. It’s just my finances that really need me to be ready.


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