Thinking a little more clearly

…Although I tried to write “more clearer” so maybe that title is a lie.

Anyway, I went to bed Sunday night at like, eight, so I was up at six Monday, and while I did *try* to go back to bed, I was completely unsuccessful, so here I am on the interwebs, wasting time until I can go see Monsters University. I’m going by myself because I can’t seem to convince anyone to go with me because everyone is so busy with the wedding and all.

Me, I’ve finished most of my contribution, and while I went to my storage unit yesterday to get out things I needed to finish one last project, I still managed to leave a tool in it that I need- despite LOOKING RIGHT AT IT. That’s such a frustrating feeling. The wedding jewelry itself has been packaged and wrapped up, and all that needs to happen now is me to find the brainpower to post it on Etsy and figure out how much to charge my sister for it all. I think I’ll go with my usual rubric of $10/hour of labor, though none of them actually took that long, but I charge a minimum of $10 per necklace and $5 per earring pair so I don’t completely undercut myself. I’ll try to guess at how much materials cost (my sister bought it as we went) so I can list it for the full price, so the correct amount of money is attached to it when people look at my wedding commission costs. $200 looks like a lot, but it came out to $40/set, which isn’t that bad for wedding jewelry, especially when it’s made entirely of silver or silver plated materials. That stuff doesn’t come cheap.

I’m trying to think of something that is even vaguely thought-provoking and well-written for this week, but I’ve had such bad brain fog lately it’s pathetic. Of course, it probably wouldn’t hurt if I had some caffeine to give my brain a bit of a boost… So hopefully over the course of the week I’ll write something interesting!


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