So happy belated Canada day, folks. I definitely forgot to write a post for Monday. I was actually (relatively) productive and got some things done.

The dollhouse was a big hit, and I managed to never take a single picture of it, because I am just that good. It did look awesome in the end and my niece loved it, and the other kids all wanted to play with it, to the point where I confiscated the furniture so nothing got lost, as we were having the party at a pavilion in a local park. Her mom, my stepsister, was equally if not more excited, as she wanted to go set it up and see all the pieces. Considering they were all hand-assembled and hand-painted, and I even upholstered the couches and chairs, and put sheets and cotton ball pillows on the beds, it really was a labor of love. My niece has a bunch of little dolls and got a bunch of Tinkerbell and friends dolls at the party, so she should have dolls that fit into the house and almost fit the furniture. (It was all super small, but the larger furniture didn’t fit into the house, so yeah.)

I’m still mostly avoiding my stepdad in particular, and keeping conversations short. Mom says he’s trying and I’m not going to do anything to sabotage that, but I’m not going to go out of my way to hang out with him.

They met with a local pastor and his wife last week. The pastor is retired, and is a friend of my parents’ pastor. His wife is bipolar I, so my parents’ pastor set up a meeting so my parents could ask questions without running the risk of horribly offending me. My stepdad didn’t really say anything afterwards, and my mom was difficult to get answers out of as well, but apparently the wife is willing to talk to me, too. Mom was very specific in pointing out “she’s been stable for YEARS, on nothing but lithium!” I bit my tongue before I launched into a discussion of the difference between type I and II, as well as the biological and chemical differences that make all of us react to medication differently, not to mention the dramatic difference that family support and FINANCIAL support make in how well one remains. So far there hasn’t been a noticeable difference in how I’m being treated, so at least I don’t think it made anything WORSE…

For the most part, my parents have been leaving me alone, though. I just stay in my room and go out to do things during the day when they’re at work, and try to limit my time with them to dinner and maybe some TV or a movie. It seems to be working okay for now.

I got a bill for $2600+ from the hospital for my ER visit. While I was there I’d been told that it would be covered by the local mental health board, so I called about it, and was told that it would only be covered by the board if I was admitted. Awesome. I immediately asked for financial assistance paperwork, as I am well under the federal poverty guidelines right now and ought to qualify. So at least there’s that. Ugh.


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