Taking up too much space

When I first moved here, there were a couple things that were made abundantly clear to me: I was going to be in the smallest room in the house, so I could only bring my clothes, toiletries, paperwork, and some beading materials. The rest had to go to a storage unit, and my cat had to be fostered, and thank god I have fabulous friends who immediately offered help. Much of what I actually could bring doesn’t even fit in my room, and has been migrated around the house multiple times now because it’s “in the way” wherever it had been placed. It finally settled in the (much larger than mine) closet in my sister’s old room.

My sister will be driving my car up on the 4th, so only one of their cars has to be returned to Cincinnati. She brought up things that had been in my car over the weekend, as my tiny car wasn’t going to be able to fit everything she needs to bring for the wedding and honeymoon. In my car were a couple bags of clothes- mostly my coats and sweaters, and I think my comforter. She put them in the garage on Sunday for me to deal with this week. In the garage already were another two bags of towels and bedding that is destined for my storage unit the day I manage to remember to take it. It had been in the van but was moved because it was “in the way” and someone else needed the van at the moment. Remember, the van that I was supposed to get to drive until my car gets brought up? Yeah. I haven’t bothered putting gas in it because the minute I do, someone needs it and uses up all of the gas, and doesn’t replace it, so I might as well take my precious few resources and throw them out the window instead.

My stepdad got on me Tuesday about the bags- a grand total of four, I believe- in the garage, because it’s “in the way.” I need to move it ASAP, he says, because he needs the space for something. Mind, the garage is garage-sized, but does not have a car-sized door, so it is really a glorified shed. It’s HUGE. When organized properly, there is enough room to put a bed or large sofa in the middle, and have space to spare.

So now I need to go move my handful of possessions out of the garage, because I am “in the way” all over again. The sweaters and coats need to come live in the house, but I am afraid we’ll go back to the “you’re taking up too much space in this closet, move it” song and dance all over again. I keep trying to move more and more things into my tiny room so at least I don’t have to hear about it anymore.


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