The wedding of the century and its aftermath

So this past Saturday was my little sister’s wedding. I made the jewelry and the “guestbook”- I drew a bicycle built for two on a canvas, with strings heading into the sky, and guests left fingerprints as balloons and signed them- and helped mom with the other decorations, though she did the bulk of that. The wedding was beautiful, my sister was beautiful, and I was fighting tears most of the way through it, because my sister and mom and my stepsisters were and it’s contagious. The reception was gorgeous, as well. Both venues were gorgeous- the wedding was in a park overlooking lake Michigan, and the reception was a hall about three blocks up the street- and the weather was fabulous, which was good, as the entire week before the weather report was getting increasingly dire, threatening thunderstorms. I got a little sunburned because I am a dumbass who wrote sunscreen on her packing list and then didn’t actually consult it whilst packing. (This is also why I didn’t take pictures; I had my camera, but no batteries.) They had two professional photographers, though, so I’m sure there are plenty of great pictures.

My youngest cousin was a junior bridesmaid. She’s nine. My sister didn’t think she needed earrings because she didn’t think my cousin had pierced ears, but I confirmed that yes, she definitely DID, so she had a full set as well. Her set turned out the best, actually, so all of the photos in the listing on my Etsy page were of her jewelry. All of the bridesmaids just had to have dresses in a small range of purple, and they all looked lovely. My cousin’s dress was actually made by her paternal grandmother, who made a matching dress for her American Girl doll. I decided that I will now be making a tiny matching necklace for the doll, because she needs the full outfit, after all. I just need to go get some of my pearls out of my storage unit. (I really wish I had the space to just bring all of my beading supplies to the house; I make like, three trips out there a week for things, so everything is migrating here ANYWAY.)

I didn’t sleep well the night before the wedding, because I was home alone and as I was just falling asleep, the dog started barking and scared the crap out of me. I was thinking someone was in the house, but he’d just heard something outside that he wanted to go bark at. (Probably a squirrel. Barking at squirrels and all things with wheels is his favorite hobby.) I fell asleep around 5:30 AM, and had to be up at 8:30 to drop the dog at the vet for boarding, and then pick up all of my passengers. I managed to squeeze three adults, a toddler, and all of our stuff into my Yaris, and I was still able to see out of all the windows. I am amazing. My nephew was very well behaved, and a lot of fun all weekend. He’s going to be two on the 9th- I guess that’s tomorrow, yikes- and I have NO IDEA what I’m getting for him for his birthday. He’s too young to really know who “wins” present-wise so there isn’t quite as much pressure, anyway.

Despite only having three hours of sleep and being completely exhausted Saturday night, I fell asleep for a whopping four hours before being wide awake again. The hotel’s beds were pretty comfortable and I didn’t have to share, but I still woke up and couldn’t sleep. I ended up down in the breakfast area at three AM and had first crack at the breakfast bar once it was put together at four, and my mom appeared around that time, so we ended up talking for a while about whatever. I went back to bed around 7:30 to try and get a little more sleep before attempting to drive, and still couldn’t fall asleep until 8:30 after taking a klonopin, because I was having one of my “I can’t sleep but I really need to sleep so it’s time to panic” episodes. I managed to sleep for two hours, anyway, so I was a much safer driver. (Mom had made a comment earlier like “Nobody dies from lack of sleep” and then I pointed out that people die on the road ALL THE TIME because a driver falls asleep at the wheel. She suggested I let my brother drive if it got too bad, but then he ended up riding in my stepdad’s car with my nephew because there was more space. I can’t blame him for not wanting to be shoved in the backseat of my Yaris. It’s pretty comfortable, but still not exactly a huge car.

I suggested that we stop at the beach on Sunday before heading back across the state, as we were already on the beach anyway, and I haven’t played in Lake Michigan in years. Originally it was just going to be my car, but my parents thought it was a great idea, too, so we all went to a beach. I had my brother put sunscreen on my back after putting sunscreen on his. We have spray sunscreen. I don’t think he actually managed to get any onto my back, as I was pretty burned by the time we left. Even right now I’m still running around in my PJs because it hurts to have on a bra. Yesterday I was on fire, but it cooled off considerably over the course of the night, so it wasn’t as bad a burn as I thought. Given that it was SPF 50, though, I really shouldn’t have burned at all. Hrmph.

This morning I got to go spring the little dog out of doggie jail- mom left bail money, marked as such, for me- and he is now contentedly snoozing on my bed. I’m thinking going back to sleep would be nice, too. I crashed last night around 7:30, got up briefly at 5:30, and slept again until 10:00 when mom called to see if I’d picked up the dog yet. I was sort of supposed to go get him at 9:00 and while my alarm went off at 8:30, I definitely did not get up at 8:30. I was *dreaming* about getting the little dog, so I think that sort of counts. He’s here now, taking up the entirety of my bed and making his funny little harrumphing noises. I think we’re going to be nap buddies today. I have about sixteen pieces of jewelry that need to be photographed and listed, so of course it’s storming out. I think the photography will have to wait for tomorrow.

All in all, it was a nice weekend. It was good to see my family, and my sister was so happy. They’re in Ireland now, for ten days, I think, for a bed and breakfast tour of the country. It was fun hanging out with my nephew and seeing him grow- his vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds, and watching him discover sand for the first time was hilarious. He wasn’t too sure about it because it’s hard to walk in it when you sink in halfway to your knees, poor guy, but he loved pushing it around and burying his feet. He was less impressed with the water, but it was quite cold. My cousin who was the junior bridesmaid and her family live in Seattle, so it was nice to see them again. The rest of my family seemed quite happy (though my brother’s pretty melancholy, but I can’t blame him at all for that) and it was overall just a nice weekend. Despite my fears, I held it together well, and felt good all weekend. Even right now I’m doing great mood-wise, I’m just physically exhausted from everything and I hurt a little bit because of the sunburn.

(Edit: When I was previewing this, there were ad links added to some words, and I did not put them there, and upon looking into it, because I am broke and this is a free blog, I guess they do that now. :/ Blarg. I guess they’ve got to pay for it somehow…)


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