Good news!

Sorry, I guess I forgot to write a post again. But exciting things are happening!

Unfortunately not on the JOB front, but that’s a work in progress.

I’m sure you all are plenty aware that I am a huge Transformers fan, and I make Transformers jewelry. I had a table at BotCon 2010 in Orlando, and totally cleaned house- my profits paid for the entire trip, except for going into Disneyworld. Gas, food, lodging, getting into the convention, and even buying toys. I’ve wanted to sell at another convention ever since but I keep running into roadblocks- mostly in the convention being too far away for me to afford to travel there. There’s a convention in Toronto called TFCon that I have gone to before, and I had a great time, but this was before the Canadian border was closed somewhat and you needed a passport to cross.

Well, now that I live in a border state, I can get an enhanced driver’s license, which means I can cross the border by car any time I want to. And now that I have my car back and have managed to obtain car insurance (which was an ordeal in and of itself) I went yesterday to get my license and plates. I had been excited and hopeful that I could go, but the money just isn’t there.

My friend in Toronto, who let me stay at her place last time I went in exchange for driving to the con, decided that this was simply not right, and has decided to forward me the money to go to TFCon. She is an artist and always gets a table, and she makes some jewelry as well, so she agreed to let me sell at her table as well, so hopefully I can pay her back for her awesomeness. I’m so excited! This is going to be my first convention in three years, and a chance to see friends I only ever see at cons!

My parents are 100% behind the idea of me making money, and hopefully I can make more than my friend is fronting me and can then use that cash to pay off some more debt. I have knocked off one medical bill so far, but there are plenty more to go, not to mention my credit card and car loan (though I only have 11 payments left!) I’m not entirely sure how this will work with unemployment, but it never hurts to call and ask. As far as the IRS is concerned, unless I make more than $600/year it is a hobby and therefore does not need to be reported on my taxes, but I doubt unemployment sees it like that. :/ I’ll look into it.


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