Bad blogger. No cookie.

Sorry I dropped the ball like, three times last week, guys. I was actually busy, though. I’ve been working hard on Transformers stuff for the upcoming convention and have been doing my best to keep busy.

I felt great at the end of the week but my mood’s slipped a little since then. I was anxious and sort of kid-ed out after one of my nieces stayed the night Friday night, in anticipation of my nephew’s birthday party the next day. I didn’t go, and instead stayed home to work on jewelry. I finished my inventory and started making new charms, as I have NONE on hand anymore and I’ve been cannibalizing pieces I shouldn’t be cannibalizing. I’m writing this Saturday night as I was convinced until a few minutes ago that it is Sunday night.

I’m still working on finding a job, but with every interested call from Cincinnati that I have to turn down- where would I stay if I started to work there again? How would I get re-established? And with me planning to start ASL classes at the community college, I’ve sort of stuck myself here, honestly.- and every no I get from here in Michigan, my hopes continue to fall. I’ve got a backup plan and more than a month left of unemployment, but damn, I’d really like to not have to go work at Wendy’s again. I guess if anything, it would be humbling, and at least I know the managers, and some of the day staff are the same. I feel like this whole experience has been humbling and frustrating and exhausting.

I had another night of bad sleep, which also led to the anxiety about being around people in general and kids in particular, so I think I’m going to turn in *gasp* on time tonight, so I can hopefully sleep well. I have many, many things to make out of plastic, and only so much time to make it all.


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