Job and income woes

So, still unemployed. Nothing new there. I’m planning on going to Michigan Works! tomorrow (Tuesday) to get signed up with them, and I guess just drive around town and throw my resume at people. I need to talk to a local business owner whose wife is my mom’s best friend. He runs a print shop, and I was going to get more business cards from him if possible, and maybe he knows someone that’s hiring? I just don’t know. I hate this. Mom and I had a sit-down “plan for the future” type chat that made me very nervous, because I AM trying, but I have nothing to show for it, and my stepdad’s getting pissy and irritated that I’m still jobless. Thankfully he hasn’t expressed that in my general direction yet, or we would’ve had words again, I imagine. Mom says he got weird when two of my stepsisters were living here while they were in college- and he’s always been irritated by my presence going back to being a kid. I think he just doesn’t like his kids living under the same roof as himself, to be honest, because I can’t remember him ever NOT being like this. *shrug*

I did find a cool infographic on how to answer the top 35 interview questions, which I’m definitely going to be committing to memory. I get nervous and babble and why does this have to be so very hard, seriously. Finding a job is awful.

I finally finished my food stamp application online, which I started May 31st, so it will backdate if I get approved, so that’ll be nice. Of course, I don’t have any of the bills that count by the state’s standards (housing and utilities) so I’m hoping my smattering of medical bills and medication costs, and the very small amount of money I’m getting from Ohio to begin with, will qualify me. I have stuff that needs to be filled out to get my last ER visit comped and a rebate for my oil change but I’ve been ignoring it. I’ve been ignoring money things for a while. Once I get this week’s unemployment I’ll make an effort at updating my budget sheet, setting up a payment plan for my old therapist now that I have a final bill, and complete all of those things that need to get mailed in. I’m behind but when am I not behind these days?

I did make several sales this past week, and a pending sale on my site, so there’s that. I’ve been working on jewelry and making new batches of charms, which is going well. I have a ton of bracelets that are in various states of completion and I think I might get everything done on time for once.

I say these things, and then I jinx myself, but hopefully I will be able to accomplish all of this.


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