Finally getting some things done

So we *finally* switched my phone over to my parents’ plan, so now it is $15/month instead of $70, though I will still have to find $200 somewhere plus the charges for this past month to give to T-Mobile. I really would rather not, but enh. At least I still have my phone number.

The guy at Verizon asked if I was looking for a job when I said something about “at least I don’t have to change my number on my resume” and he said that the bank in town- that is about four blocks from my house- is looking for two tellers, as his girlfriend works there and was just promoted, vacating a spot. He recommended I go there in professional dress with my resume and see what I can do.

Definitely will be doing that, for sure. I’ve never worked at a bank, but I was a cashier for 7 years. I know my way around a til, at least, and I was very good at what I did. My drawer was usually perfect or very nearly so, even after five, six hours of nonstop craziness. A bank is a little more sedate and won’t require me to make change quite so fast, so I’m sure I could do well. 🙂

(Also, pennies and foreign change are my FAVORITE. I have jars.)

My mom and stepdad had a conversation about how much better I’m doing, as when I first got here, there was no way anybody would’ve been comfortable with me having my nephew all day like I did Tuesday. I can feel it, too. I’m less depressed and more motivated (though I still take every opportunity to sleep that is presented.) I’m starting to keep a more normal sleep schedule, and am getting out to do things. I’ve been making jewelry like crazy, though I’m presently in sanding hell and still have about a hundred charms to go. :/

My sister and her husband will be getting back from their honeymoon to Ireland late Thursday night, and coming here for a few days before returning to Cincinnati. I definitely short sheeted my sister’s bed. I feel no guilt and really that’s the only reason I’m still up- waiting to hear the squawking about it.

I am sort of evil when left to my own devices.


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