Yeah, I’m pretty much just not going to be around for a while.

So Tuesday morning was lovely. I treated myself to Pacific Rim during the local theater’s $5 Tuesday matinees with $2 concessions, so seeing it in 3D with a drink and candy cost me a total of $11. Then I got out of the theater at 3 and found out that I’d been drafted for nephew duty, starting pretty much the second I got home.

I’m presently panicking, as I still have eight bracelets to finish, fifteen more I want to make, along with a couple beaded necklaces I’m working on, photography to do of all of those plus another fifteen bracelets that haven’t been photographed yet, a replacement barrette holder as my previous one has scampered off, packing to do, a million errands to run, and a two year old to watch on the only day I have left before the convention.

I’ll be driving to Canada Thursday (and I intended to leave in the morning but it’s clear that I’ll probably leave later, as I’ll probably have a million things left to do,) and staying with a friend in Toronto, and the convention is Friday through Sunday. I’ll hang out Monday and do things, and then return Tuesday, and I get the feeling I’ll be drafted for nephew duty again.

I love the child dearly, and I don’t mind watching him, but the day before I leave for a convention is pretty much a guaranteed recipe for me to have a non-stop panic attack. I already have been freaking out all evening and nothing I’ve made has turned out resembling my mental picture whatsoever.

So yeah… I probably won’t be posting anything until like, next Thursday. Whee TFCon! Now I just have to mentally hold it together long enough to actually GET there.


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