Getting desperate

I have three weeks left of unemployment to be claimed. Tuesday I walked all over town, all dressed up, with my resume, and stopped at all sorts of insurance offices and banks and things. I was given a lot of “we only do this online” which I expected, but I hoped maybe putting in actual legwork would make a difference.

I also went to a temp agency. As much as temping makes me all kinds of anxious, not having a job this close to the wire is making me even more kinds of anxious. They interviewed me, and I’ve filled out their online application and am working through a handful of tests on it, though Java completely freaked out when I tried to open one so I gave up for tonight.

I’m watching my nephew tomorrow. My brother called this afternoon and I was definitely napping so I didn’t answer the phone, so I didn’t find out until the very last second, but I went and got my nephew and so tomorrow will be interesting. I’ll bring my computer downstairs and work on job stuff while watching him, I guess. No worse than working on jewelry, except he won’t be trying to break my laptop (hopefully.)

I’ve been getting left over items from TFCon listed in my Etsy shop so if you’re interested in Transformers stuff, check it out. I have other things that are non-Transformers made, but I haven’t photographed them yet and it has done nothing but rain and be overcast since I got back from Canada, so I’m waiting for some decent weather for pictures. That, and I seriously have a huge backlog of things to list. I’ve still got easily a dozen things left to list, several that need tweaking, outright redoing thanks to my nephew’s assistance, or just new photography because the initial photos turned out badly… This is the part I most dislike, and it is also the part that takes forever. Approximately 98% of jewelry making is all the OTHER stuff that goes into actually selling it to people. As I’m getting better at it, it’s not quite as dreadful, but I still put it off, which is silly, seems how I would like for people to give me money for the things I make.

I have ideas for more “high end” stuff, as my sister suggested, and I’ve been picking up materials to do so as well. I still will keep it fairly generic because having expensive things lying around for seven hundred years makes me twitchy.

I officially got word from the insurance agency that there is nothing they can do, as not enough of value was stolen for it to meet the deductible. I think I’m going to get my own renter’s insurance now, but at the same time, there’s not really anything left to steal. I’m just out a bike, sewing machine, and assorted art and cosplay supplies. I’m really angry about this, because nobody bothered to tell me “Oh yeah, there’s this huge deductible on the homeowner’s policy” when I was trying to figure out if I needed my own policy or not. I’d been trying to get my bike to the house pretty much since I moved here but I kept not having a vehicle I could move it in, and I never expected to have my sewing machine stolen. I was seriously looking at patterns last week for a cosplay I’ve got planned for next TFCon, though, and was contemplating getting my sewing machine out to play with it.

It just hurts. My whole life has already been parceled out so badly; I lose my home, I lose a lot of stuff in the move, I lose my cat, I lose quite a good deal of autonomy, and now I’m losing *more* stuff that was supposed to be protected and I thought was, and everybody’s sort of “oh well” about it.


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