I’ve been a terrible daily blogger lately. But I have news!

Sorry about that. I’m exhausted when I get home from work, both physically and mentally, so all you’d get in a post would probably be something along the line of “glarble my everything hurts zzzzzz” anyway.

I received a commission request, and it’s someone local who I know, so they dropped off the payment Saturday so I could get started, as I need to order a few things before I can make their jewelry. On Sunday I headed out to Michaels to pick up some pearls, as I was all out of the size I needed for this project, and as I was checking out, I saw a stack of “We’re hiring!” fliers by the register. I picked one up and flipped it over.

They need a jewelry sales associate.

Someone who’s familiar with jewelry, with Michaels stock in beads and other jewelry making products, who makes their own and can bring in examples of their own work, who enjoy teaching others the same skills.

I’m pretty sure I am the PERFECT candidate for this job.

So since Sunday I’ve been overhauling my resume and cover letter to tailor it precisely to this job, as well as putting together a photo book of past projects and getting a few new things photographed to put in the book as well. I’ve completed the application and plan to go on Wednesday in full fancy business dress, resume and cover letter in hand, along with the photo book (thank you, Walgreens, for offering an in-store printing option with a one-day turnaround,) and jewelry examples, with the hope of speaking with the supervisor in charge of hiring for this position.

I am SO EXCITED I don’t really know what to do with myself. There are benefits and “competitive wages” which I have NO IDEA what that means but it’s already better than minimum wage with no benefits, and coming home smelling like a french fry. I have the jewelry background, the customer service background, the teaching/mentoring background… I am PERFECT for this, and I would LOVE this job dearly.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!



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2 responses to “I’ve been a terrible daily blogger lately. But I have news!

  1. Andrea

    That sounds great, good luck!

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