And now, the waiting.

Everything’s been completed online, and after work yesterday, I went in person in my fancy “please hire me” pantsuit and makeup and jewelry EVERYTHING, complete with carefully boxed jewelry samples in the hopes that maybe I’d get to talk to the manager in charge of hiring and make a good impression.

I was so manic-nervous for like, two days since discovering this job potential. Had trouble sleeping, thought I was going to throw up on the drive to Michaels, was shaking as I handed over my cover letter, resume and references, and stood there awkwardly while the manager I talked to went to ask another manager what to do… because the guy I need to talk to isn’t there.

He’ll be in tomorrow, she said. She put my papers in his mailbox.

I’m off work Wednesday and thus will probably either die of terminal anxiety by noon or give up and just go there (in my other fancy “please hire me” pantsuit) in hopes to see this gent in person to plead my case.

As soon as I left, I wanted to cry, and sleep for days. I still haven’t managed the crying, and I still have yet to sleep (despite being continually sleepy; I got sucked into the black hole that is tumblr like six hours ago.)

Anyway… we’ll see.


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