Feeling quite hopeful, actually. This is sort of a weird experience.

I went back to Michaels after getting my hair cut yesterday, and got there around one. The guy who I needed to talk to was there (and had gotten there around noon, so I was glad I waited until after my hair appointment) and seemed very excited when I talked to him. I explained that I’d applied for the job Monday, but as there was nowhere to upload a resume or cover letter, I’d come in Tuesday to give it to the correct supervisor, and the manager I spoke with said he’d be in on Wednesday, so there I was again, samples in hand, and hoping to have a minute of his time.

He did talk to me for a minute, but he didn’t have time for much more than that. One of the first questions he asked, though, was “how soon could you start?” When I told him I’m working at Wendy’s right now so I’d just need to give two-week notice, he said, “Oh good, because we’d want to get you on board right away.” Evidently Michaels jewelry sales have been slumping and the company is trying to do some rearranging to improve that, and thus the jewelry sales associate position, to partly be on the floor and talk to people, and partly to teach classes and do demos. He said they’ve been having trouble finding someone who was really passionate about jewelry making and had the knowledge needed to help people. I was very excited and said I definitely could do all of those things, that I have my own shop on Etsy, and that I love to teach people how to do new things. He said he needed to speak with the person who is in charge of the demonstrations and classes, but I should hear something by Friday.


It was Wednesday!

I was so excited I could hardly stand it, though by the time I got home I was pretty drained. I tried to take it easy the rest of the day, as I’ve been very emotional lately and I need to keep an even keel, and it was also very hot and sticky so not a good day for photography. I went to bed early and then woke up at 11:30 because I was hungry and needed to go to the bathroom, and then just lay there for two hours, so I figured I’d get online for a bit until I was tired again. I’m hoping to be up around 8:00 so I can get some laundry and other chores done, as well as work on some photography if the weather wants to cooperate.

I’m so hopeful, this job sounds like a dream come true. People have told me for years that I should start my own business so I could do more art, as I am so passionate about it and creative, but I was worried that making it a job would suck the fun right out of it. This is just slightly to the side of starting my own business, but would still be a job where I get to be creative and helpful to people, so hopefully things will work out. I’m also curious to see what “competitive wages” means, as well as health insurance. Insurance alone would make just about anything worth it right now, even if I’m still making minimum wage, but I’m hoping “competitive” means “more than minimum wage.” Besides, I have so much customer service experience it’s disgusting, as well as the jewelry skills and teaching skills they’re looking for. I’m pretty sure they’d be nuts to not at least interview me.


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