So Monday went a LOT better than this weekend did…

Monday I had the interview for the office manager position at The Adventure Park at Frankenmuth, and I think it went fabulously. I was interviewed by two separate people and only let go so I could go get to Wendy’s on time for my shift; they wanted to take me around the park to see it up close. I think this job is PERFECT for me, and said so about seven million times. Both were very impressed by the scrapbook I keep of notes and accolades from previous jobs (though it needs a bit of updating.) They want to get someone in ASAP, and as I applied Friday night/Saturday morning at some obscene hour and got a call on Saturday, and was able to schedule an appointment for Monday, and they had interviews Sunday and Monday and plan to do callbacks for second interviews Tuesday. I have Wednesday off, so I would easily be able to go interview again if they call me back. The position is salaried and year-round, and there is an office assistant position that is seasonal but would get me in the door for a position at the park they’re building somewhere outside of Detroit that will open next year. This one is up in Frankenmuth, which is a huge tourist place, so finding another job to get me through the off-season (Bronner’s, anyone?) If I could just find SOMETHING that pays enough that I can get my bills under control and be able to get independent again, it will be worth it.

I haven’t heard back from Michael’s, though they said I’d hear something this week and it’s only Monday as I write this, so enh. If the office manager thing goes through, I won’t worry about it, but if I end up with the assistant position, which is usually only about 30 hours/week, I would need to find something to make up the rest of it. I’m just trying to find jobs that are fairly low-stress so I don’t end up in the hospital due to working too much to make ends meet.

At Wendy’s, I didn’t get a chance to talk to the general manager before she disappeared (I was going to go in before my interview, but I was too worried about being late to stop. I was over a half-hour early, so I just hung out in the parking lot for fifteen minutes or so before going in.) At any rate, I was put on the opposite side of the store from the manager I have problems with, and we just mutually ignored one another unless I had to talk to her specifically. Another manager basically managed me the whole night. I work tomorrow during the day, so I’m hoping to talk to the GM then, but it seemed a bit obvious that the manager I talked to on Sunday shared some of my concerns with somebody, or maybe the one that fielded my panicked call on Saturday told her. I still want to explain things to her myself, of course, and maybe sit down with both of them to work something out. Being on opposite ends of the store definitely helped, as I wasn’t under her constant scrutiny and allowed more autonomy. I really dislike the front register, but I definitely don’t dislike it more than being stuck in that corner with the bully manager breathing down my neck.


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