I have been absurdly productive today

So I never got a callback, so bleh there. I’ll get back on the job hunt tomorrow. As for what I did today, as I am not feeling quite as brittle, I worked on cleaning. Mom asked me to clean the upstairs bathroom and vacuum through the upstairs, which I tackled.

I’ve been neglecting cleaning my room for so long that it was making me depressed, so today I gave it a thorough unfucking. I got everything off the floor, vacuumed, organized everything and tucked things away behind my bed to get them out of the way, went through all of the clutter on my desk and dresser, put everything away, dusted, cleaned the mirror… I also got my garb out of my car and started the process of getting it all ready for storage again. The clothes have all been washed, though I plan to keep the main skirt here and work on the embroidery I’ve been neglecting for like two years, and all of the leather has been oiled. I am working on seasoning the cast iron ‘feasting utensils’ but I haven’t done the “heat it in the oven for a while” part yet. I spent most of the afternoon trying to scrub all the rust off, because I am terrible at taking care of my garb, I guess.

Also added to the project list is repainting my parasol, as the peacock on it has faded terribly in the last few years. I might also add some embroidered touches to make it really shine. I have plans for a bodice that utilizes the crazy quilt fabric style I used for my skirt, and a cape that uses it as trim, while adding an embroidered peacock to the center of each. I’ve also decided to become the village magpie/wandering musician rather than a gypsy, because I’ve been feeling guilty about appropriating the Roma culture. While I’ve been trying to be respectful and all, it’s still appropriating a culture that isn’t mine. All of the kerfluffle around Gipsy Danger in Pacific Rim has been making me think hard about it, and decide that I don’t want to do that anymore.

I also cleaned the windows on the inside of my car because, well, I had Sparkle and paper towels and it needed it, bad. I went and got my props bin from storage to get all of my jewelry displays and props put away and tucked behind the bed, out of sight. Also shoved behind there is the big suitcase that contains all of the Transformers jewelry, and organized the rest of the jewelry disaster that had taken over a corner of my bedroom and was creeping out into the main part of the room. All of my traveling bags got shoved under the bed. I sorted through a HUGE pile of papers, and I have a huge pile of things to shred. There is a lot of stuff shoved into the bills binder that I need to go through and sort, but that can wait.

In summary, my room is a lot more organized and it all makes sense again. It’s amazing how calming it is to have a room that isn’t one big mess.

I also went to Barnes and Noble and bought Signing for Dummies, because I might as well get started learning ASL. I can already fingerspell but I know about… um… five actual signs. If I become fluent it would be a great asset on my resume and if I become a certified interpreter, I’m sure jobs would be a lot easier to find. In the meantime, I’m still looking for generic office work. Now that my room is tackled, it’ll be easier for me to concentrate on the job search.


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