“Happy Thanksgiving. I decorated your cat.”

So I’m 110% positive that all of you are well aware of my cat, as well as the fact that she is presently being fostered by a friend until I get a place of my own again, as my parents did not want her here. My friend who is fostering her periodically sends me pictures and amusing commentary of what my little hellion has been up to. (Honestly, I think I have more pictures now than I’ve ever managed to take of Chihiro in the 7+ years she’s been mine. She is camera shy and I never had a phone that took good pictures that were easy to then get back off of said phone. My actual camera’s shutter speed is too long to get more than a blur about 95% of the time so I never manage to get cute pictures, as Chihiro has the sixth sense most pets do of when their person is trying to get a decent picture of them and thus whatever she was doing is immediately stopped and she wanders off. She can be dead asleep and she’ll still have moved by the time I get the camera turned on and focused. The only time I got really good pictures was after she was completely doped up on painkillers after her first dental surgery. Those pictures were also hilarious as she was completely stoned out of her gourd.)

Anyway, on Thanksgiving, I got a message that said only “Happy Thanksgiving! I decorated your cat.” followed by this picture:

Chihiro decorated on Thanksgiving

I love my cat, and I love my friend for agreeing to foster her on such short notice, and for being the best foster mom Chihiro could ever hope to have. We’re at about seven months now, and while I’m now employed, kind of, I need a vastly different job before I will be able to get my own place again. I’m planning to refocus my efforts back in Cincinnati after the new year, as well as in Grand Rapids, which is evidently an area that is doing well at this time. Anything has got to be better than Flint and Lansing, where I’ve been finding a whole lot of nothing, and greater Detroit, where I’m finding a lot of scams. I’d really, really like to be back in Cincinnati, as I still have something resembling a life there. I want to start over again and really do things right this time, keep all my priorities right so I can do some things I’ve always wanted to do but I need a job to be able to do that. And I desperately, desperately want Chihiro back and home with me where she belongs. (And I’m sure her foster mom’s two cats also desperately want Chihiro back where she belongs, too, and their house to themselves again.)


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