So, so tired

The holidays are exhausting. I have no money to buy gifts; what money I had to get stuff to make presents was from the commission I had from my mom to make jewelry for my sisters and myself for Christmas. I bought what was needed to make stuff for my nieces and nephew, and to make my brother a hat and scarf, which he already has, because it’s cold and he didn’t have those things. Other than that, everyone’s just getting a card.

I hate not being able to make things for everyone like I usually do, though I’m finding myself of two minds about it anyway; I pour so much of myself into what I make, and my family is generally “Oh, that’s pretty,” and that’s the end of it. My mom is the one who’s the best about it, as she wears pretty much only jewelry my stepdad buys for her, or I make for her. (And on one occasion, jewelry my stepdad bought that I then modified for her.) My sister, on the other hand, won’t wear anything but silk or pashmina scarves, and doesn’t really wear jewelry, or any of the other things I make. I have completely run out of ideas for her. My brother, on the other hand, is enjoying the hell out of his new hat, along with his 1-Up Mushroom hat and Yoda hat I’ve made for him on previous occasions, and he is looking forward to the Minion hat I am making for my nephew. Six of one, half dozen of the other, I guess.


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